Bickley lifestyle session with the Brown family

Wow! what a session! I came home with so many images - I got way too carried away with this wonderful bunch! Twins aged 3, and their older brother age 6, had a great time showing me all their fabulous Christmas decorations around the house - its so lovely to capture your family and home as we all prepare for the Christmas festivities. I even got to meet their naughty elf called Buddy, (I've heard lots about this naughty elves sent by Santa to keep an eye on children at this time of year!) I got to take some fabulous shots upstairs including in the children's rooms which they loved to show me. A rocking horse gave an opportunity for some wonderful fun shots and we finished it off by wrapping up warm and heading out to the local park, trailer, bikes and scooter in hand. The autumn colours were just about still on the trees providing a fabulous back drop for this documentary, family, lifestyle shoot and as Dad carried both twins back on his shoulders, we all headed back from a wonderful walk.....161203_untitled_138-66 161203_untitled_138-120 161203_untitled_138-142 161203_untitled_138-153 161203_untitled_139-81 161203_untitled_139-98 161203_untitled_139-134 161203_untitled_139-168 161203_untitled_140-13 161203_untitled_141-25 161203_untitled_141-156


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And there go those wheels again……

And there go those wheels again……

Right now in my life, with my three boys growing older, I'm often finding myself saying to my friends, "oh the wheels fell off today - in fact they didn't just fall off, they went skidding off down the road taking anything in their wake with them". Today has been one...


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