Outdoor photography session Bexley with G, J and family

It was so lovely to catch up with an old work pal from my city days, (when was that life exactly?!!) and so great to see the girls I hadn’t seen since they were pre-school age! These two were great fun – and their very close relationship shone through this whole session. Whilst this session was mainly about the girls, Mum and Dad were more than happy to get involved and I got some lovely family shots of them all. Whilst it was already nearly the end of November, Hall place looked glorious and all the autumn colours shone through. We also got a chance to get some great into light shots as the sun started to go down, one of my favourite things to do if conditions allow – a beautiful halo of light cast around the girls making a stunning picture. Meet the Heuerman family…..161113_untitled_129-77 161113_untitled_128-102 161113_untitled_128-99 161113_untitled_128-30 161113_untitled_128-17 161113_untitled_129-109


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