A surprise Christmas present photography session

I was really looking forward to this surprise Christmas present photography session with siblings aged 3 and 15 months. With their mum away for the weekend, the plan was hatched quite some time in advance.  Their Dad had decided to surprise her by organising a surprise Christmas photography session at Hall Place Bexley. I was most impressed by this and thought it was a brilliant idea!

The sun was shining when we met down at Hall Place in Bexley. To break the ice, we started with a trip to see the terrapins and super large carp in the greenhouse, a favourite with any small person and they both thoroughly enjoyed trying to spot the very well disguised terrapins in the pond!  A leisurely stroll around the gardens led to lots of candid photo opportunities of these lovely little ones. They were bundles of fun, and had bundles of energy! Running around, kicking up leaves, and playing “pooh sticks” a favourite of my own boys over the years. Hall Place is so beautiful, even in late November, with the Autumnal colours still present on the tree’s making a wonderful back drop for the pictures taken that day.

This shoot lasted about an hour, which is a perfect time for little ones this age, and I got some fabulous shots of the pair. Sessions like this are great, due to their documentary style, the children are pretty much unaware they are having their pictures taken and this gives rise to beautiful pictures, capturing a moment in time, as they just enjoy being themselves – playing- laughing and just being kids…..


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