My commercial work is varied, and I travel often for this. One of my most popular commercial photoshoots is “meet the team” which combines environmental headshots with casual group shots, perfect for use on websites and social media.

 I have worked for many companies large and small, both in London and more locally in Kent. I also offer product photography in my Bexley Studio or at your business address.

Recent work includes Knight Frank, (meet the team photography, event photography and social media photography), a well-known tour operator (for their brochure), Burns Sheehan, an IT recruitment company, Hall of Cakes, The Hair Movement, Herbalife, Parker & Me, IG Designs and a London Bakery company.

 My home is also listed with a London location agency and I can offer my home for product and small commercial shoots, should that be of interest.

Commercial photography is charged at an hourly shooting rate including images and editing time. For more information please do get in touch.



What I love about her style is that she takes fabulous photographs of people that really show off their personality. This is incredibly difficult to do, especially with a large group of people. But she was exceptionally professional, made everyone very relaxed and really brought out their characters. As for the results, I think that they speak for themselves but they are very different to what is regarded as ‘the norm’ for our industry and were exactly what we were hoping for. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.  James Pace – Knight Frank Chelsea office
We worked with Nina on a corporate photoshoot to capture some individual & team shots for our new upcoming website launch.  Working with a team of 50 people & managing to stick to the time schedule, as well as managing to capture some great photos that everyone loves.  Nina is great to work with & manages to bring both professionalism & fun to a shoot.  The time she spent planning beforehand really did help the day to go smoothly.  I would definitely recommend working with Nina on a photoshoot. Fleur Holland-Hague – Burns Sheehan 

Over the past few months we have worked with Nina on a number of occasions. Every time we have been incredibly impressed with her standard of work and final results of the photographs. Nina had amazing creative direction resulting in wonderful photos of both individuals and also as a group. It is certainly a challenge to get lovely photos of a 20+ group, but Nina delivered on every level. We asked her for shots that were friendly, relaxed and not too corporate, yet still showing our  brand core values and prestige, which she delivered perfectly. We will absolutely be working with Nina again and can’t recommend her highly enough. Olivia Sumner – Knight Frank Kensington Office 

From the off-set, Nina was professional and prompt with everything. I needed a photo shoot to show case my new range of clothing for my business and Nina filled me with the confidence that she new exactly what she was doing when it came to this kind of shoot.

She completely got my vibe of the shoot. Nina even borrowed a prop for the shoot from a friend and brought along with her grey blankets from her house. Nothing was too much trouble!

She brought my ideas to life and I am so excited to launch the clothing range out into the world for everyone to see!

Nina is an amazing photographer who I have recommended to clients before for their picture walls, but this is the first time I have worked with Nina on an interiors photo shoot. She managed to capture the mood of the space in one shot. I have worked with many photographers before, but never have I experienced somebody who is able to do this in such a short space of time. On top of this, she is extremely professional, warm and an absolute joy to work with. I will definitely be using Nina’s services to capture my interior work moving forward. Thank you Nina.”
Another incredibly successful photo shoot. This time it was of ‘The Hair Movement Salon’ that I designed. Nina has truly captured the feel of the space. Capturing the light, depth and textures of the tactile surfaces. I can highly recommend Nina’s skill in photography as well as her warm yet professional and extremely efficient approach. A big thank you Nina
I hired Nina a few months back as I needed some new shots for Personal Branding work. I’ve followed her work right from the earliest days of her sharing, and was so excited when she set off on this journey professionally. I had some idea of what I wanted for the branding work, but Nina was able to develop that through her magical knowledge of the lens. I loved our session, although if I’m honest I was fairly apprehensive and was so excited by the results. Very highly recommended.


  • Meet the team shoots sound interesting, can you tell me how this works? We meet somewhere that works for you, this is often away from the office, at a breakfast meeting in a restaurant/café for example. These shoots work best when something is happening as this gives people something else to focus on other than having their photographs taken! After this, there is then a chance to also take environmental head shots (different to head shots taken in a studio setting) if you wish. The result is a great set of images showcasing how approachable and friendly the team are. Perfect for use on your website, social media channels and for printed marketing materials.
  • I want imagery for my website and for printing, can you accommodate this? Yes, we will have a meeting pre-shoot to discuss your requirements and what you want your images for. This is particularly important if you are looking for banner shots for web headings for example, or square shots for product thumbnails.
  • I want product photography, is this something you offer? Yes, I offer this in my home studio in Bexley. Products can be sent via courier, and couriered back once finished or you are most welcome to come to the shoot yourself particularly if your products need styling. We work together and shots can be viewed and checked on my computer as we go to ensure we have exactly what you need.  
  • I would like to send my team to your home studio for head shots, is this possible? Yes, if you are a local business, I can absolutely accommodate you sending your staff to my studio in small groups for individual headshots which we would schedule ahead of the date.
  • I’m ready to book! What happens next? If you would like to book please get in touch. We will have a chat to check your requirements. I can either come and meet you in person, or we can have a phone or zoom chat to run through your requirements. I can help with scheduling to ensure minimum impact on your working day and an efficient use of shooting time.


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Its a whole new element in school holiday chaos!

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Nina is a family & commercial photographer and mum of 3 boys based in Bexley Village, Kent.


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