Mothers Day

With Mothers day just round the corner it can be really tricky to think what to buy. Candles are lovely, scarves, gloves, meals out and nights away for a break, spa treats and afternoon tea’s, the list goes on and on. As a Mum to 3 boys, all these things are great. My boys once bought me a red trailer, you know the kind you see in America, with a handle, to throw the kids in and pull them along! Whilst my wonderful friends shared pictures of handbags, and body scrubs, my share of a trailer, met with quite a few quizzical comments. Its actually not as crazy as it might sound, a bit like the time I got a screw driver, pliers and a spirit level for Christmas. My Husband knew I wanted one of these to photograph my boys in! And I love it if I’m honest, even though I pretended to my friends it had come out of nowhere (sorry lovely friends!)

This year, if your stuck for ideas and the Mum to your children doesn’t want a red trailer, a small compact tool kit, or anything else mentioned above, how about a photoshoot? I have vouchers available for mini shoots (£75), and also vouchers that can be used for my lifestyle sessions(£50 and £100 vouchers available). Mini sessions are held in Bexley only, but I am happy to travel up to 10 miles from Bexley for my lifestyle shoots. Just drop me a line and these can be posted out to you in time for the big day.

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