Moon & Back again….

This is me and my son. I love this picture. I have next to no pictures of me with my boys and its a travesty. Its on that never ending “to do” to get another professional photographer to take pictures of all of us together – as a family. I have tons of beautiful pictures of the boys with their dad, which I love to look at and will shortly adorn the walls of my newly refurbished home! But this photo means the world to me. I took it – on our holiday – in the mirror! thats why im in it! J had just woken up, and I’d got him into his swim wear to race down to breakfast, wolf down a pancake (who am I kidding! 3 pancakes with more Nutella that would fill a small jar!), and get into that pool – seize the day right son? and Im ok with that. But back to this picture, I love his little face, I love the way he is holding onto the one hand of mine that isn’t holding my camera and I love that its me and its him! one of an absolute handful of pictures of us together. I call this photo “moon & back again” I dont think that needs an explanation. This picture says a thousand things, and takes me right back, to that early morning in Greece , where I snatched up my camera from the side to capture that exact moment in our lives. Document your days – for us and for them…..


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  1. CJB

    Lovely photo and lovely words ????


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