A fabulous sun set lifestyle shoot at Lessness Abbey

This was one of my recent shoots – I’m catching up backwards! A fabulous sun set lifestyle shoot at Lessness Abbey. I met this wonderful pair and their lovely Mum and Dad at 5pm, at this time of year this is a fabulous time for a photoshoot. If you’re lucky, you’ll get those amazing, hazy,  rim lit images that make the most stunning portraits. Of course we need the sun for these! but that aside, this time of the evening is just perfect, so providing your children are up for a run around post tea time, (and lets face it, what child, small or big isn’t!), ill be booking you in for this time of day.

L and R, Mum and Dad, met me at Lessness Abbey, I love this place, the juxtaposition of the 14th century ruins with the more modern day high rise blocks of flats in the background always makes a stunning back drop for any photographs taken here. We had a great time running round the place and enjoying the early evening sun. We walked into the woods, around the ruins and the formal gardens making the most of the opportunities to get some lovely portrait shots. I was really pleased with the pictures from this session, in particular the dreamy portraits taken as the session drew to a close.

I love the fact that I was able to capture the close relationship between brother and sister, and their fun side too! As always I love to get mum and dad in the shots too! Anyway, here we go – meet L & R – and their mum and dad!!


  1. Anna Allan

    What lovely photos. You have captured their connection and personalities beautifully. I love the evening light too.


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