Lifestyle photography shoot for the Bentley family

Lifestyle shoot for the Bentley family.

This session was bags of fun, with 3 children who’s ages ranged from 2-13 years old it was a busy, energy filled and fun shoot. We started off in the family home, the children were great and not at all shy when I arrived. Ill often not get my camera straight out while the children get used to me, but this wasn’t necessary on this occasion and I was able to start photographing pretty much straight away.

We took some shots in the lounge, where I met the families adorable woof!  Family pets are always welcome on my shoots – dogs, cats and house rabbits! I really don’t mind! and then headed up to the master bedroom where we got some fabulous family shots, individual portraits of the children and some wonderful pictures of the children messing about – lets face it, what child isn’t delighted when they can jump up and down on Mum and Dad’s bed!

We put on our shoes and jackets, grabbed the dog and headed out to Joydens wood for the second half of the shoot. This wood is beautiful, and massive and we had a good hour wandering around, taking pictures as we went. There are some amazing wood carvings in a clearing and this was a chance for the younger children to have a good time climbing, and gave me an opportunity to get some great candid shots. The sun was high, and I was able to get my favourite, straight into light, pictures which I’ve spend many years perfecting! The beautiful rim lighting that creates a haze around you, when you shoot in this fashion, is an absolute favourite of mine.

This bunch were great, the children were lots of fun and it was my absolute pleasure to capture the family in a relaxed and candid fashion.

Meet the Bentley family……


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