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Vogue. The word alone is enough to conjure up all kinds of wonderful images. When you think of those sleek, glossy publications, you think of an iconic lifestyle . Over the past year, I’ve been working really hard to have my images featured in their photographers’ own section of Vogue Italia’s fabulous website and I wanted to share with you all my experience. I’ve now been fortunate enough to have a total of 4 images featured by them. The first of my images were taken on my family holiday to Mexico back in February and it took me a further 4 months to get two more images selected (back to back!) taken on a family outing to Broadstairs in May.

Vogue has a particularly style and you need to find how your style fits with theirs. I’ve submitted so many pictures that have been rejected and it has taken me a while to realise how this fit would work. Going forward, I would really like to have my black and white documentary images featured as well and will continue to submit them in the hope that I can find the fit here too. Naturally, Vogue like your images to fit together (like a portfolio) so my black and white work may just not fit with my colour work in their opinion. We shall see!

So, if you, like me, are a photographer hoping to get selected, keep at it! Perseverance is key – I’ve had so many images rejected but I do feel that it’s a good thing in a way. It wouldn’t be such a joy to have something selected if it was too easy, so do keep at it.

Photographers Vogue accept images via an account that you need to create on their website  and accept images on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 8am and 8pm European time. You are allowed to upload a maximum of 2 images per day into various different categories including documentary, portrait, landscape and macro. Images can sit there for a while waiting to be reviewed by the editorial team and there will be no feedback on whether the image is selected or not. You will either see your image disappear or find it with the Vogue stamp, having been selected.

Good luck! It’s hard not to take it personally but don’t be disheartened. As I said previously, it wouldn’t be as much of an achievement if everything you entered got selected.

Vogue Italia feature 3 boys and me photographyVogue Italia feature 3 boys and me photography Vogue Italia feature 3 boys and me photography Vogue Italia feature 3 boys and me photography


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