Getting your photographs on your walls

You have had your photoshoot, so what next? Most of my clients love digital images and these are great for the way the world is now; you can share these easily with your friends, put them on your social media and enjoy seeing them on your screen. But a few weeks in, as life carries on, those images sit in the “pictures” folder or “iPhotos” library and you don’t get to see them so much.

Nina Callow family documentary photographer Bexley London Sevenoaks

All my full sessions come with prints and this is so important, as they will make their way into frames to adorn your home as a constant reminder and a smile generator every time you see them.

I will always advocate getting your photographs into frames on your wall. “Say it loud and say it proud” I say!! And that’s where I can help you. Let me use my experience of what works well to help you select the images to display.
I have lots and lots of frames available – different styles and different frame finishes (traditional and modern) in a raft of colours. I can put these templates together for you, into your galleries, and together we can create the perfect selection of images to create a real centerpiece for any room of any size.

Here are a few of my favourites. Please do get in touch


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