A wonderful Lifestyle shoot in Camberwell for siblings 2 1/2 years and 6 weeks old

Wow - I loved this wonderful Lifestyle shoot in Camberwell for siblings 2 1/2 years and 6 weeks old. A train and tube journey up to Camberwell in London saw me photographing this wonderful family with their latest new addition, baby Roddy- 6 1/2 weeks new. From the moment the front door opened, I knew I was going to get on well with this bunch, Mum and Dad were so welcoming and friendly as was their little man who was delighted to show off his new baby brother. We started this shoot at home, and got some fabulous shots in the family kitchen area, newly built, with amazing floor to ceiling windows - which gave me lots of ideas for my soon to start project at my home. The light was fabulous in this area so we stayed here to document the family as they carried on with their everyday stuff. It was an absolute pleasure to capture Mum and Dad sharing a book with the boys - you could see how much this was enjoyed as Arlowe selected his favourite books from a large pile. Arlowe really enjoyed showing me his animals, naming each one and making the noises to go with them, this made for some fabulous playtime shots. I also took pictures of snack time, feeding time for baby Roddy, and some great shots with both Mum and Dad as they both played with the boys. We spent an hour in the family home before putting on shoes and coats, and heading out to the park just across the road. Its always lovely to see new places and this park did not disappoint, it had a wonderful band stand where I took some family group shots, and even a gated wild flower garden - the dandelion clocks here were massive! and I loved taking pictures of Arlowe with these. We said goodbye as I headed back to the tube, these two were great and I really enjoyed this session. Ill happily travel into south and central London for a shoot - so to book your lifestyle shoot please get in touch nina@3boysandmephotography.co.uk .    


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