Whats in a song….

Music – it’s such a massive part of my life. From my younger days of music college in London to my absolute love of the unknown, not-yet-discovered bands that me and my wonderful parter in crime “Fi” spend way too much time pursuing in all manor of “off the beaten track” London venues. I love nothing more than finding artists that have not yet made the main stream and following their careers, being able to see them in tiny venues before they suddenly turn up at the o2!

Anyway, back to today and the reason for this blog. As usual, I was up early, getting organised before my numerous attempts to get the troops out of bed. My alarm goes off at 6am and I give myself 45 minutes of peace before the chaos starts.

Today was very much like every other school day in this house. I sat in the hall, with my breakfast on my lap, calling each boy in turn for their shower slot whilst watching good old Piers Morgan on GMB (sorry Piers I still call it GMTV) when out of nowhere they started to play this song. 

Nina Callow 3B&ME Photography London Kent

I LOVE this song, it’s not at all like my regular taste in music but, not actually knowing what the track was called or who it was by, but the memories of many a drunk dance with my girl friends on my mind, off I headed to Google and of course, found a song so famous, in just one click!

By this point, Lace as I affectionately call him, (that’s my almost 16 year old), is out of the shower and immediately starts singing and dancing. The middle one was still refusing to get up, but the small person had made it out of his bed and was currently laying on the floor also on the landing questioning what on earth was going on!

When he was small, I always used to pick him up and dance round the kitchen in the morning to the radio, so, I decided to pick up all 11 years of him, and recreate this craziness, right there on the landing.

Nina Callow 3B&ME Photography London Kent

It made us all smile, and it started our day off on such a happy note. Music – love it or hate it, it certainly has a control over our mood like nothing else.

This year I turn 50 – yes I know you lot 😉 50? really!! I am seriously considering a reset to 40 (not sure I will get away with that but worth a try right?). This song is going to be one of the very few requests I make at my glitter extravaganza party – that I am yet to start planning, and I’m going to dance with my friends and I just can’t wait! 

Turn that volume up and I hope this puts the same smile on your faces too!

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