A Sunday lunch for a fabulous extended family, 8 adults, 16 children and 1 Dog!

I loved these guys! When I got a phone call to ask if I would be able to come and take some photographs at a Sunday lunch I jumped at the chance! 8 adults, 16 children ranging from 3 -15 years old, and of course, you could not forget the family dog! (at one point there were going to be two woofs at the shoot but one of them couldn’t make it last minute!!)

I turned up, and the whole house was alive and buzzing. The boys outnumbered the girls 5- 3, and whilst the boys were all playing computer games in the games room in the garden, the eldest of the girls looked after the younger twin girls. The hosts were cooking, the wine was flowing and the whole kitchen was alive with animated conversation. Everyone kept apologising to me, saying “please excuse us we are a noisy bunch” but, do you know what? I loved it this way. Can you imagine if id turned up to photograph everyone and it was silent!! I prefer the noise, and everyone going about their business is perfect for documentary photography.

The brief was to get some nice pictures, predominately of the grandchildren, with and without, Nanny and Grandad, so that they could be given as a gift for a forthcoming birthday. Sometimes its so hard to get everyone together these days, that these kind of gatherings present a perfect opportunity to get extended family shots. So I set about getting some group shots in the garden. I love things to be informal, so we moved a few chairs, and I set about taking lots of different combinations of group shots some more formal than others. I took the chance to get individual portrait shots of all the children, and individual family groups and even a quick shot of the family dog!

The kids and dads were all soon playing football in the garden, the inevitable pile up happened on the grass and it was nice to end the shoot with such fun shots! These lots were great and I thoroughly enjoyed this session. I spent about an hour or so to take these pictures, before leaving them all to have, what looked like, one of the nicest Sunday lunches I had even seen!

Ill happily document a day time family gathering, a special lunch, birthday, children’s party and wedding anniversary, so just get in touch if you think my style suits your event and we can take it form there nina@3boysandmephotography.co.uk



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