Frequently Asked Questions

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How does a session work?

The sessions will last between one and two hours and be very casual, some families like to start their sessions at home, whilst others prefer to meet at an outdoor location and have their entire session there. I can accommodate either so just let me know what suits you best. I use only natural light so do not turn up with loads of kit! Sessions will be casual, informal and led by you. I like to leave my camera in my bag whilst i get to know you a bit first and am then lead by you as to where you would like your pictures taken – mum and dads bed can be a great place to start and get some great fun shots! lets face it , what child doesn’t like an excuse to jump on mum and dads bed! Whilst there will be an element of direction, i mainly follow the children’s lead as to what shots i will take.

How do I book a session?

Just drop me an email or phone me 07775 806407 to discuss available dates and we will get you booked in. A full session fee is required to secure your date. My preferred working hours are during school hours and a reduced session fee is available.

How do I prepare for a session?

Children can be apprehensive of a new person in their home, so please do let them know I’m coming! As a mum myself children quickly warm to me and I will make them feel at ease! The session will be casual and documentary, so please don’t worry about lots of directed or posed shots. Of course there will be an element of direction to get those fab family pictures but this will kept easy going and lots of fun. Bring along snacks for young children to keep them going, breaks are fine and i can factor these in to the shoot with no problem.

What should we wear?

What to wear can be very important, please think about the colours of the clothing everyone is wearing to the shoot – this really can make a big difference to your pictures. Think about complimenting each others outfits, pale shades of blues/greys/whites  – Jeans and converse can look fabulous! Beautiful casual dresses, fabulous Tutu skirts, with funky boots and a jacket thrown over as another idea. Think about where the shoot is taking place. Layering can be a great idea especially if the weather is changeable.

How do we view our images and place an order?

A password protected, online viewing gallery will be ready within 2 weeks. You will be sent an email with log in information and You can expect about 30- 40 fully edited images to choose from.


From this gallery you can make your order easily by selection and adding your photos. I’ll get notified that you’ve made your order and I’ll send the payment details over. Once payment has been made your photos will be ready to download. If you are ordering prints these will be normally be ready for you within 2-4 weeks depending on the order and can be posted to your home or collected in person.

What if one of us is ill, or it is pouring with rain?

Children get ill – I know this only too well! There is no point trying to get beautiful pictures when your not feeling 100% so just give me as much notice as possible and ill reschedule at no extra cost.

Do you have a privacy policy?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major change to data privacy protection laws in the European Union (EU). It is designed to ensure data privacy and increase control of personal data for EU residents. It becomes effective May 25, 2018. Below it is explained how we collect data, why it is collected and who we share data with within the business

1.      What information is being collected?

1.1 – We collect a variety of information before, during and after you book with 3B&ME Photography and use any of our services. This includes:
• Names, Addresses and Contact Information of the person(s) placing an order with us.
• Names, Addresses and Contact Information of the person(s) using our services.
• Names (and in some cases ages and gender) of all participants of a photo shoot.
• Details and notes taken throughout a photo session or service provided to help us remember conversations during and details of your session.
1.2 – If you E-Mail us or send us messages via social media, these messages are stored within our email system or social media accounts. These messages are stored for as long as practicable to allow us to provide you with better future services.

2.      Who is collecting the data?

2.1 – This data is being collected by 3B&ME Photography 

How is it being collected?

3.1 – The majority of our data is collected directly from you. Whether you fill out a form for us online, or tell us face to face, via the telephone, via e-mail or message.
3.2 – In some cases, data may be given to us by a third party. This includes if somebody purchases a voucher for you – they will usually give us your name and details to allow us to process their order, and provide our service to you.

4.      Why is it being collected?

4.1 – Most of the data we collect is solely for the purpose of providing you with a service you have ordered, or had ordered for you.
4.2 – Some of the data we collect is to help provide you with a better customer service experience
4.3 – We are required by law to collect and store certain information relating to any order you place with us.

5.      How will it be used?

5.1 – Data we collect will be used by 3B&ME Photography to enable us to provide our services and products to you.
5.2 – Contact data (e-mail addresses) may be used to send you direct offers from 3B&ME Photography about upcoming promotions or newsletters. These can be unsubscribed from at any time.
5.3 – 3B&ME Photography may internally analyse data for business and forecast purposes.
5.4 – 3B&ME Photography has a legitimate interest in using images taken in relation to your booking and may use these images (upon client’s expressed consent) in the following ways 
• On social media for promotion & advertising purposes
• On our website for promotion & advertising purposes
• For marketing materials (business stationary, flyers, business cards etc)
• For publications/print

6.      Who will it be shared with?

6.1 – We take your privacy very seriously. We do not sell your data to third party organisations. There are a few scenarios where some of your data may be shared with third parties to allow us to provide our services to you. These include:

• Delivery and Postage Service Providers to allow us to send you documentation and orders you have placed. (Information shared includes Name, Address and in some case e-mail address / mobile number)
• Manufacturers (our printing labs) if we are sending an order directly to you from a lab. (Information shared includes Name, Address and in some case e-mail address / mobile number)
• Cloud Back Up Server Crash Plan for Small Business based in the US
• Law Enforcement and Legal Requirements – we will provide data to law enforcement agencies if issued with a court order to do so.

7.      How will this affect you?

7.1 – We collect, store and process your data in such a way that should have no negative effect on you as an individual.

8.      How long is the data stored?

8.1 – Most data we collect is stored indefinitely. This is to allow us to provide a better service to you as a customer in the event that you contact us again in the future.
8.2 – We are legally obliged to store some data for a minimum amount of time, for example sale order records, payment records etc.

9.      Access to stored data.

9.1 – If you have any questions about data we hold about you, please feel free to contact us. As well as trying to help you directly.
9.2 – You may request a copy of any data we store about you – and we will comply with any requests as per the guidance of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

10.   More information.

10.1 – If you would like any clarification on how we collect, store or process your data – please contact us directly.
10.2 – If you would like further information on the legal guidelines we operate within, or have any concerns about how we use your data, please check the ICO’s website at

11.   Our Details

11.1 – This business is owned and operated by Nina Grimstead trading as 3B&ME Photography (3 Boys & Me Photography)
11.2 – Our principal place of business is at: location based and within clients homes. You can contact me by email to