An early morning shoot for the Bodemeh family

Were to start! This bunch were loads of fun, particularly as we met at 9am on a Sunday morning! This may seem crazy but its a great time to meet, the light can be glorious in the early morning. Worth considering is that it can be really quiet at this time of day, and this was just perfect for the Bodemeh family shoot.

8 Year old E had bundles of energy and we started of our shoot, with some running shots. This is  a great way to break the ice, which he found loads of fun. Mum and Dad were great too and happy to be in the shots, which may have looked like they were slightly staged. I’m sure you will see – and agree- there is nothing staged about these images!

We wandered around a glorious walled garden and then took a gentle stroll around the park, stopping to feed the ducks. It was lovely to take in the early morning sun and the beautiful spring flowers that have decided to brave putting  in an appearance.

I really managed to capture the essence of these 3, their close bond shining right through in these images as I’m sure you will all agree, so here they are! Meet the Bodemeh family…….

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