After your photoshoot – what to do with all those beautiful images!

You've had your photoshoot - you are now staring at 40 or so beautiful images that have captured the very essence of your family and your wondering what on earth to do next? Purchasing the digitals is one option, and its great to have those pictures to put in a digital frame, use on your Facebook and social media sites and maybe make a birthday card or calendar for Nanny and Grandad - but what you really want - is to be able to look at these wonderful images, images that make you smile every time you grab a glimpse, and that can be a daunting prospect. I have put together a Pinterest board to help you all - there are some great templates available at many stores that can mean it doesn't need to break the bank to make yourself a lovely feature wall, or maybe two!, of the photos from your lifestyle session. Personal favourites include feature walls in bedrooms, hallways and on staircases but there are oodles of things you can do. I always advise my families to let me sort their printing. Yes, its a little more expensive that you can find on the high street but I can guarantee the quality of prints ordered from me. I ensure the crops are right and that the pictures will be absolutely perfect. I can also get pretty much any size and am happy to sort this out too. Hope you enjoy the beautiful feature walls on my Pinterest board, and as ever - any questions just drop me a line -


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